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I have been shooting commercial photography for many years. Most of the time I have a layout approved by a client from which I can not deviate.

In a world that is continuously bombarded with images, still and in motion, I found a way to take my photography beyond the realism that is characteristic of photography and add a new dimension to it, take it to a different place where the limits of photography, painting and illustration converge.

But more important, allows me to have fun.

With this digital photography technique, I can change or saturate colors, create composites images that did not exist, digitally paint over them, etc, etc.

In a way it is like a painter, you work with different tools but it is your technique and your eye for color and shapes what it counts, with the advantage of being faster.

The digital revolution has changed photography forever. It allows more people to have access to a technically better photograph but at the same time it saturates and trivializes photography itself. For me it allows to be liberated from the film and lab and to have more control over my images.

Painting started as a representation of reality and then evolved in many different ways creating trends, fashions and styles. Some of them abandoning completely the realism with which it started.

I think photography could do the same thing helped by the new technologies and digital tools that liberate you from capturing images in a silver based support and give you the wings to fly away from reality. Take you to a world where the limits of different art disciplines are blurred.

The question is not if this is a photograph or a painting, I think art is a manifestation of the human spirit regardless the medium you use to show others the vision through your eyes.

I also want to provide affordable, original and custom made art.

This technique is very well suited for hotels, cruise lines and decoration of public spaces in general.

Working with the architecture of the hotels, ships, local landmarks, landscapes or local themes I'm able to create unique and original images that will reinforce the brand image of my clients and provide a very special visual experience.

These images are only a suggestion of possibilities.

It is very difficult to appreciate the painterly quality of them at the size and resolution of this Web site, please, contact me for an enlarged sample.

These photo paintings can be reproduced at any size and on any material.

They look beautiful on canvas and water color paper.

I can work with any themes or colors, photographing and retouching to get exactly what you are looking for.